River Island Dungarees\ ASOS Men’s Buton Down\ASOS Flat Top Sunnies

I know what some of you style mavens are thinking.



Well, before you jump to immediate judgement in regards to this summer must-have, simply hear a girl out. This season has seen more flannels, crop tops and waist tying toppers than a Nirvana concert, so overalls were almost guaranteed to make a stylish comeback as well….

Just as Isabel Marant has manage to sale the idea of cowgirl-chic to stylish jet-setters who consider Jimmy Choo’s to be “running” shoes (although I must say that running in 6 inch designer heels is a pretty damn good work out), designers such as Phillip Lim and Rebecca Minkoff are trying to suit us city-dwellers up in a chic pair of dungarees this summer, and I am totally game for that whole notion.

34 thoughts on “Dungarees

  1. I totally feel you on the whole re-shooting thing, there have been loads of shoots I've never posted because I was unsatisfied with the photos, the curse of being a perfectionist! These are lovely though & I love the denim overalls with that crisp white shirt & those awesome heels!

  2. I didn't like the overalls back then in the 90's still don't like them now. But i love the wash of that denim, i would totally go for it in a pair of jeans.

  3. Hi Lovlee, thanks for your wonderful words over at mine 🙂 I know It wouldn't suit me but you have the finesse to rock it!

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