The Swing of Things

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ASOS Swing Shirt Dress\Zara Shopper\ASOS Hostage Heels\Zara Ring Set

When I think of summer style, and the pieces that are almost essential to the season, I think of soft airy fabrics that have a bit of movement to them, bolder color choices and shorter hemlines that add a touch of playfulness to our ensemble. So, finding a piece that encompasses all of these characteristics, while maintaining a bit of simplicity, can be quite the stroke of luck for any style maven who is on the hunt for it (I think you know exactly where this is headed)…

And that is exactly how I felt when I found this red little number. Whether it is paired with heels, belted, or casual flats are your go-to footwear, this shirt dress is sure to get you into the swing of summer, and in style.

34 thoughts on “The Swing of Things

  1. You've taken this look and make it so much more than just a shirtdress, you've given it character and flair, looks terrific! I appreciate your kind words over at mine 🙂

  2. love this look – this is such a good classic colour combo and you're definitely doing it justice :)

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