Zara Kimono Dress (sold out now, other Kimono- style Zara items here)\ Express Sandals\ Dottie Adele Turban

Phillip Lim, Etro, Prada and Emilio Pucci were a handful of the many designers that took inspiration from the traditional Eastern cultures and gave it a Western spin (I know many of you have seen Lim’s oriental-print baseball jacket… Genius). The oriental prints, silk kimonos and intricate details that were incorporated into the spring collections seemed to transport the wearer to a land of fantasy, but did so without compromisingΒ wear-ability as well.

After perusing some of my favorite retailers for the perfect kimono, I finally settled on this kimono-style dress, because it just feels as if it was made for summer…

Now, I don’t have to venture all the way to Tokyo, Shanghai, or Beijing to pick up a little bit of that Eastern flair that I have been craving all season.

40 thoughts on “Kimono

  1. Congrats on the lovely new blog, you look amazing, this kimono is such a beautiful and striking piece.

  2. it’s definitely wearable and I love this kimono. I have one that I still wear that my parents brought back. You look like you’re ready to go on a resort. xx πŸ™‚

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