Press. My Summer Picks With Pickie


If you are like me, then you have spent countless hours flipping though magazines, staring at the plethora of eye candy and chic garb, and wishing that you could simply shop the pieces straight from the pages. Well, Pickie is an app that was created to do just that!

Armed with the idea that a style maven’s love of shopping and magazines should somehow be intertwined, Pickie allows the user to browse an interactive magazine that is generated daily, based on the user’s tastes and preferences. I was recently asked to join a team of Taste Makers (one which includes Glamour Magazine’s Fashion Director, Susan Cernek) to launch the app in style, and with a page dedicated to my summer essentials. So, here is a look at my editor’s page for the virtual magazine, and a list of what my top essentials are for summer…

Do you Pickie?

5 thoughts on “Press. My Summer Picks With Pickie

  1. How prestigious that you got picked to be an editor! Love your editor’s page. This looks like a great app!


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