Moving Forward


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ASOS Paris Tee (similar here)\Zara Heels\F21 Baseball Jacket\ASOS Skirt (now on sale)

I was fully aware that when I transitioned my blog  to a new platform, that I not only wanted to revamp what TCS stood for, but that I would essentially be starting over in some ways. I must admit that this process has been quite scary, because when one tries something different, there are so many questions that come into play…

Will you style mavens be receptive to the new look? Did I make the right decision in switching platforms? What posts should I include (all, or just some)? The list truly goes on.

However, with any transition that one makes in life, or in blogging, it is important to make the changes that keep you moving forward in the right direction, while keeping a bit of yourself constant along the way. So, you are probably confused as to what this has to do with today’s style post. Well, one of the ensembles that got lost during “the move” featured this sheer little number and baseball jacket, and since I loved this combo so dearly, I had to restyle it and share it with you lovely readers one more time.

22 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. I love the sheer aspect of the skirt!!

    PS-I don’t know if this is just because I visit your blog via bloglovin’, but your logo/header is showing up off center (pushed way to the left! I can only see about half of it).

    Blonde in this City

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I checked it out from my mobile, laptop and desktop from different browsers and also from Bloglovin… and had no issues? So not sure if it may be your browser settings?



  2. Hi Miranda, congrats on the chic new blog and layout, it looks perfect! Love this savvily styled outfit.

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