Just Blaze




Zara Blazer Dress\Calvin Klein Clutch\Zara Heels\Express and InPink Rings

Today is one of those days in which I surrender. I surrender to not only the idea that androgyny can be quite sexy (not that you true style mavens needed to be reminded of that), and to the idea that comfort can be just as important in this mad mad world of fashion. In case you haven’t noticed, I am all about some menswear. In fact, this new obsession has gotten so extensive, that most of my dresses have been pushed to the back of my wardrobe and all that is left in the takeover is a pile of blazers, tailored pants and some crisps button downs. However, I recently spotted this blazer-inspired dress that is as comfortable as a pair of pajamas, and instantly fell in love…

26 thoughts on “Just Blaze

  1. Such beautiful shoes! I am a huge fan of comfort over style (most of the time!) but that dress looks like the best of both worlds!

    Much love,

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