Trend To Try. Brogues Vs Loafers


ASOS Mascot Brogues\Zara Leo Loafers

In an industry where inches on heels seem to be a direct resemblance of stature, it is quite refreshing to see designers bringing a little bit of comfort back into the game. So, in a serious attempt to prepare for fall, I have found myself building my wardrobe from the ground up (literally, by starting at my feet) this season, and expanding my range from 5 inches and up, to a flatter version of what is defined as chic. This season we saw flatter footwear in the collections of Lanvin, Celine and Phillip Lim . Now, one can hear the cries of joy coming from style mavens around the globe, because their feet are finally able to enjoy the comforts of smaller heights this season. Of course, loafers have been seen on the feet of style editors and front row fixtures for some time now. However, with so many new designers jumping on the bandwagon, there are so many options for us to choose from.

Whether you like loafers in an assortment of textures or prints, or the newly coveted brogues with a wide range of details, designers have definitely stepped up the footwear game. Now, the only real questions is…

Are you a loafers kind of gal, or will you be rocking brogues with your dresses this season?

25 thoughts on “Trend To Try. Brogues Vs Loafers

  1. Both! I have brogues in brown leather that make my looks a little more polished and I recently bought a pair of loafers in black patent leather. I think is a good idea to have both because they can change the same outfit depending on which one you wear, and you will always be comfortable.

  2. I bought loafers this month, a pair that looks like yours! And I am very glad I did, because you can nearly wear it under everything. A lovely skirt, a jeans or a dress. I must say that I like the brogues too! Hmm, maybe I have to go shopping again? Haha! X Noleen

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