Travel Diary.New York Fashion Week Spring 2014


As I made my journey home from Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week (one that was fraught with pure exhaustion and a mild state of delirium), I gave some thought to what had unfolded in the days prior. I must start by saying that this experience did not begin on such a positive note, and although I am quite the go-getter, deciding to take on this endeavor, virtually by myself, was a bit daunting. I quickly learned that there is no such thing as being over-prepared when it comes to New York Fashion Week, because the fashion industry and the city are always throwing something unexpected your way, and the only way to come out with any sort of sanity, is to learn how to adapt.  Unfortunately, this is a lesson that I learned as soon as I stepped my Zara-clad foot into the tents at the Lincoln Center.

ny2 ny3

Mark and Estel Spring 2014 Collection

ny4 ny5

Kickin’ It With Other Style Bloggers At Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week


Sushi At Amber Restaurant New York

ny8 ny9 ny10 ny11

Son Jung Wan Spring 2014 Collection

ny12 ny13 ny14

RewardStyle Blogger Event at Empire Hotel


Getting Captured by For Their Shoes of New York Fashion Week Feature\ Donning A Pair of Red Zara Heels


The Hustle and Bustle of Time Square

ny17 ny18 ny19Diane Walking The Runway at DVF Spring 2014 Collection

Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2014 Runway Show\ Naomi Campbell Rockin’ The Runway\ Diane Dancing Down The Runway

With it being my first foray at New York Fashion Week, I was quite unaware of the specifics of the process and found myself missing my very first show of the trip. You see, bloggers and other invited guests are given seat assignments. However, sometimes an invited guest will miss the show, so publicists will frantically grab people from a standby line to fill the empty seats. This bit of knowledge would have been quite helpful to know, but since I was a rookie, I stood patiently in line (the wrong one) for what seemed like an hour, as some lucky fashion enthusiast happily took my seat.  Had this not been one of the shows that I had been most looking forward to, I would have just chucked it up as a loss and continued on my way. However, I had already started my day by getting lost, and nearly hit by a group of speeding taxi cabs, so this simply added to the growing list of disappointments that had already plagued me by lunch. Determined to make the rest of the day better, I decided to strap on my favorite pair of stilettos and hope for the best, and to my delight, things turned around. I not only got to meet other bloggers who shared my same affection for fashion, but I also got to experience my very first fashion show at New York Fashion Week-  the Mark and Estel Spring 2014 Collection. My heels were also photographed, and later featured, on So, even though I was left feeling completely exhausted from the day’s highs and lows, I also felt ready to tackle the rest of the trip with a newfound sense of eagerness.

The next few days were filled with shows, events and hours of wondering around the city, and although I would love to detail it all, I am afraid that that would take up much more space than this page can offer. However, just like every New York Fashion Week, there is a beginning and an end to the whole experience, and mine happened to end on a high note. Of course, the soiree that Reward Style hosted exclusively for fashion bloggers, on the rooftop of The Empire Hotel, would have been a great way to end my trip. I also could describe the excitement that I felt when I saw Son Jung Wan’s collection of airy chiffon gowns and embellished frocks.  However, the highlight of my last day, and the whole experience, was getting the opportunity to attend the Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2014 runway show. Diane is a designer that I have grown to admire and respect over the years, and getting to watch some of the top models (Naomi Campbell closed the show!!) strut the runway in her latest creations, not only solidified my devotion to the designer, but it also reminded me of why I love being a fashion blogger. Having the opportunity to sit in a room full of editors, models and other style mavens that I truly admire, while watching a bevy of beautifully crafted dresses and animal-printed confections float down the runway, was by far the best experience I have had in this industry.

 Of course, seeing the shows and attending the events was an amazing part of my adventure, but I learned more from that week than what the latest colors and silhouettes are going to be for spring. I learned that Fashion Week, just like with any experience in life, can chew you up and spit you out like yesterday’s trends. However, you simply have to pick yourself up, strap on that pair of stilettos and carry on.


21 thoughts on “Travel Diary.New York Fashion Week Spring 2014

  1. Ah not sure if my comment posted so here I go again! Had fun following your first NYFW on Instagram, looks like you had a great time and a DVF!! Hopefully I’ll get to go next year and you can give me some tips! x

  2. Great post on Fashion Week! Sorry that you missed the first fashion show, but it looks like after you got the hang of things you quite made up for that! Congrats on conquering it, and on making more stylish friends! How fun, I hope to go someday!


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