Trend To Try. A Little Cha Cha




Ruffle Skirt From H&M (similar shorter version here\ similar black version here\ similar printed version here ) ASOS Hostage Heels\ ASOS Men’s Button Down\ H&M Boyfriend Blazer

As many of you know, I am just not the ruffles type of style maven. And, although I simply adore the 80’s, my affections do not stretch beyond the borders of the music, The Breakfast Club and distressed denim. However, with that being said, if a trend can somehow fit into my own style aesthetic, then I am always ready and willing to give it a go.

This season, designers modernized this 80’s embellishment by enlarging its size and placing it on more structured silhouettes. Now, instead of simply associating ruffles with flamenco dancers and bad 80’s promwear, we are seeing a beautiful bevy of pieces that range from simple frocks to ruffled shoulder crop tops and statement skirts. These looks are not only making a splash on red carpets, but they are also taking up space in the closets of industry trendsetters, such as Anna Dello Russo (she killed it in this Balenciaga confection).

So, why wouldn’t I partake in a little bit of the fun as well?

I personally love to show a bit of my shape on those days when I am dressing like a “lady”, and this ruffle hem skirt does exactly that. The flounce hits in a spot that helps slim my frame, instead of adding unflattering volume to it (this is something that many of you style mavens will have to be weary of when finding your perfect piece). I also chose a neutral color palette, so that I did not fall into the tacky clothing category that I mentioned above. Of course, each of you will have your own take on what the modern ruffle will look like, but mine is subtle enough to keep things tasteful, yet festive enough to make me feel as if I should be doing a little cha cha on my way to somewhere fabulous…

And, who doesn’t love to do a little bit of dancing in something chic?

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