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Silk Scarf (c/o Echo Design)\ASOS Split Front Midi Skirt\ Cynthia Steffe Leather Top (similar here and here)\ Express Clutch\Zara Pointed Boots

No my style mavens, your eyes have not deceived you. That is indeed a pop of color that I am donning today, and a printed pop of color at that.  Not that I am opposed to a good dose of color, or print for that matter, but I just seem to be more enthused by my monochrome dressings at the moment. However, I am always looking for pieces that add that extra touch of flair to my mostly monochrome wardrobe, and this echo scarf just happens to be one of those pieces.

As many of you style mavens know, sometimes all it takes is one accessory to make a real fashion statement, and Echo Designs is a company who knows exactly how to capitalize on this notion. With their colorful prints and luxurious fabrics, the company has become a go-to for style mavens who are looking to infuse a good dose of personality into their wardrobe. For fall, the  brand has created a collection of printed scarves that range from paisley to floral and abstract patterns, and come in a variety of shapes and textures. So, the next time you reach for a piece to give our ensemble a touch of flair, reach for a scarf…

Or better yet, reach for an Echo Design one.

27 thoughts on “Texture +Print

  1. I love the many components of this outfit! You are first drawn to that amazing scarf; such beautiful colours and pattern! But when you look at the all black pieces theyre all really awesome detailed pieces too. The whole look is just spot on!!

    -Tara x


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