The Opposition


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ASOS Black and White Brogues (*low in stock, so also similar ASOS here\here\here)\ Krista Waxed Denim (c/o Hudson Jeans)\ F21 Blouse\ Express Leather Jacket

It didn’t take much convincing for me to jump on the androgynous bandwagon that so many designers have been driving around. In fact, the first time I saw Alexander Wang create an entire collection based around shredded denim and menswear pieces (the prefect mix of street street and wall street) I knew that fashion would forever be changed. And, not only has fashion changed so much since that collection hit the runway, years ago, but so have I.

You probably are wondering what this exclamation of adoration, to the designer, has to do with today’s outfit…

Well, isn’t it obvious?

Style Mavens no longer need to dress ultra feminine to be, and feel sexy. Of course, a dress and killer pair of stilettos will do the trick, but then again, so can some great trousers and the PERFECT PAIR OF BROGUES.

So, my lesson for today?

Sexiness is measured by confidence, not just with the inches on a pair of heels.

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