New In. Fall Toes


Topshop Loafer Heels 

With the change in season comes an official hunt for the perfect footwear to compliment your new, and transitioning wardrobe. This summer I took my love affair for menswear to another level, and incorporated loafer-style flats into my fashion repertoire. However, instead of the footwear trend dissipating with the warmer weather, it has actually picked up more momentum, and so has my adoration for it.

So, the next possible step in my ongoing love affair with this classic staple?


Although, I must admit that I was quite surprised by my lack of options. I was also just as surprised, and delighted, when I found these black and white beauties. I mean, it  may have taken me two months to find them. However you know what they say? Absence makes the heart grow founder, and in this case, my feet were more than delighted when they were united with a new set of fall toes.

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