It’s A Hat Thing




Vintage Wool Fedora (similar here, or cheaper version in black )\SheInside Tuxedo Blazer\ Cynthia Rowley White Tee\TopShop Loafer Heels\ Seven Boyfriend Relaxed Skinny Jeans\ Zara Mini Shopper Bag

Well, here it is my fellow style mavens- this is my go-to uniform for fall. A blazer, a comfy tee, a great pair of jeans and some festive footwear. However, this fall I plan to add a new accessory into the mix… THE WOOL FEDORA.

Just as the turban is the perfect piece of headgear for those warmer summer months, the wool fedora is the perfect staple for fall. Of course, if you read the full post on why I chose this particular red confection (click here if you missed it), then you will understand my sudden need for the pop of color. However, a neutral fedora would also pair perfectly with a more colorful ensemble, and a highly saturated one, such as the one I am donning above, would add even more color to a pretty printed piece. I guess what I am trying to say, is that you just can not go wrong with this hat…

Add it to a dressier look for a more casual cool vibe, or throw it on during one of those days when your hair is just being completely unruly.

Regardless of what your reason may be, this piece should definitely be on your list of “must-haves” for fall.

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