Simply Suited





BCBG Pumps\ VS Suit\Express Clutch\ Zara Men’s Button Down\ ASOS Ring

It is confession time, my style mavens (I know you love this time of day- right?). You see, this sudden bombardment of cold weather has quickly zapped my creative juices and left me with a bad case of writer’s block in its wake.

What is one to do when faced with this predicament?

Well, you can either attempt to seek out inspiration, or as counterproductive as it may seem, attempt to write about it. And, in this case I decided to do both…

When one contemplates the power of the iconic suit, an assortment of colors, shapes and cuts usually come to mind. Let’s be honest, the sheer amount of choices can actually be quite overwhelming. However, the idea can also be quite inspiring, and in my case, the cut is what became my top priority. In the end, however, this boot-cut berry two piece is what revived me from my coma and brought the writer’s side of my fashionable psyche back to life. Plus, any time that I feel I am coming close to having a Bianca Jagger moment, I am one happy blogger.

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