Mad For Plaid






Mango Plaid Blouse\ Zara Leather Trousers\ Calvin Klein Zebra Pumps\ Express Tweed Coat (similar here)\ Express Pave Cross Ring

After getting some major love on my previous plaid post (which was also featured on Trendy Mondays and Eat Sleep Denim), I decided that I simply had to continue my courtship of the fashion trend.

As you can see, I have abandoned my monochrome ways, and mixed not one, not two, but three prints into this particular ensemble. Β Of course, this melangeΒ of patterned matter would not be such a feat if I didn’t spend so much time embracing a more simple way of dressing. However, even I enjoy stepping out of my realm of comfort to serve up some fresh style inspo to you style mavens.

Now, the formula for donning plaid in a current manner isn’t really rocket science. Instead, it is an easy equation of adding a touch of animal print and a killer piece of outerwear…

Then, the next thing you know, you are truly embracing the power of plaid.

27 thoughts on “Mad For Plaid

  1. The plaid is a good one! Thanks for inspiration to look around for something like that or other things in grey shades. Grey is good when paired with some pop of colour!Hmmm… let#s the hunt start.:-)

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