It’s Evolution, My Dear


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The past several weeks have left me in a place of contemplation when it comes to certain aspects of my life and blog.  You see, my blog seems to be a direct reflection of the things that are going on in my life, and for a time I felt that things were getting a bit stagnate when it came to both. However, just as the great E.Jean once said (What? You don’t know who the great E.Jean is? Then I suggest you pick up an Elle magazine and read her column!), “If you are not constantly changing , rockin’ and rolling and dancing on the edge, then you are not truly living.”  Which is why I have recently made it a mission to push myself out of that comfort zone that I have been holding onto so dearly, and take more chances when it comes to life and blogging.

Now, you are probably wondering what this declaration has to do with my new pair of heels. Well, I wouldn’t be the style blogger that I am, if I wasn’t able to parallel life with a bit of fashion, so today I am tying the two together with one word- evolution. Evolution is really what pushes the industry forward, and it is what keeps us style mavens interested. And, if you are not moving forward then you are simply standing still, and standing still is not an option in this industry. Let’s move onto the heel. Just last fall, I was declaring my unwavering devotion to the stiletto, yet something changed over the last few seasons. Spring came around, and the heel took on a slightly larger shape. Then the resort collections were released, and the heel had morphed a bit more. Now, we are into fall and the “it” heel has completely transformed into a more structured and chunkier version of its predecessor.

You see, it is about evolution, and just as I stated above, evolution is necessary if you want to continue to move forward…

Which is why I am personally ready for a bit of change .

What about you?

Are you style mavens ready for some change, as well?

17 thoughts on “It’s Evolution, My Dear

  1. I know exactly what you mean, I am currently going through some changes (evolution). Love this post, it has inspired me to continue with my changes. Also loving the shoes! xTM

  2. Blah, I am in dire need of change too dear. I’ve been feeling flat in the style department lately, think I need a massive overhaul and change. A huge shopping spree and maybe even new hairdo. Probably be reserved for the New Year since I am too busy right now so I’ll happily live vicariously and get inspired by your new changes!

    Gods Speed Miranda!

  3. I am in a place in my life where I’ve been standing still for a while and I can’t wait to move forward! Life is constantly moving forward and it’s wrong to miss it!
    So good luck to you! As for the them!

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