Lovely In Lace


lacedressn2 lacedressn3 lacedressn4 lacedressn5


Zara Lace Dress\ Mini M.A.C. Bag (c/o Rebecca Minkoff- Fall 2012)\ VS Lace Up Heels\ Express Car Coat

Don’t you just love how I demand that you don a little androgynous structure this season, and then turn around and proposition you with a bit of lovely lace?

Well, what can I say?

That is just how I do it, my style mavens.

Well, the slip dress is back, and more delicate  and lacy than ever. However, in order to make it modern, you must add a touch of that masculine dressing into the mix (see, the two posts actually tie together quite nicely). Some style mavens are adding plaid, others are adding sports luxe and heavy menswear, and I am adding this oversized coat. As far as the rest is concerned, anything goes. Layer it under a skirt, over some trousers, or somewhere in between.  Just make sure you layer it, because the last thing you need is a pesky case of frostbite (ha!).

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