Details. Fit and Flare


Flare Pants

Harness Belt

ASOS Leather Harness Belt (similar here andย here)\ Gap Sweater\Zara Boots\VS Flared Trousers\ Express Bangle

It seems that today my brain is still suffering from the food-induced coma that came with the holiday festivities, so I will be a style maven of few words.

For once, I am making the case that bigger is better. Now, I am not talking about hair, my style mavens. Instead, I am referring to the flair on my suit trousers and belt. Of course, unlike the days when hippies ruled the world and fashion scene, these particular fit and flare trousers come with a bit more structure, which is what makes them much more modern in their approach. Now, all I needed to do was break up the shapes with a bit of casual appeal , and voilร …

I believe that I just redefined the term “hippie chic”.

Wouldn’t you?


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