All Black Everything


allblack2 allblack3 allblack4 allblack5 allblack6

Express Quilted Zipper Skirt\ ASOS Mary Jane Heels\ Liquorish Black Coat\ Zara Men’s Button Down\ ASOS Mirrored Sunnies\ Express Geo Clutch

Besides the fact that I have an aversion to most colors, unless they are in small doses, there is just something about the color black that exudes an air of control to me. Whether it is the color’s shielding properties that make me feel comfortable, or the air of confidence that it emanates at times of uncertainty, the color is certainly a go-to when it comes to me getting dressed.

With that being said, you will see that I took my love of black and monochrome to a whole other level, and donned an all black ensemble that has more layers and texture than a Balmain ready-to-wear show. OK, so maybe I am only hoping to be at that level of tomboy chicness, but I will say that this skirt instantly reminded me of Christophe Decarnin in his glory days at the label. And, since I have been slightly obsessed with his work for years (When are you coming back to the industry, Christophe?!), I guess it only seemed fitting to unzip that zipper a bit and let a little bit of my button down show from underneath.  After all, I may love a good midi skirt as much as the next style maven, but there is nothing can get between me and Christophe, and I mean nothing.

17 thoughts on “All Black Everything

  1. Love this whole freaking look. but seriously that skirt…i’m swooning over it. Express has done a big chance within the past year or so. I like the direction that they are going in.


    1. I think so too! Express use to be the trendy and go-to store when I was younger, and then something happened to it… I am so glad that it is returning to its roots!!


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