My Musings. A Gatsby Affair


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Clothing From Dress and Dwell\ Handmade Hairpieces by Headcandi\Jewelry by Lulubelles\ Makeup by Lucy Schmitt\ Hair done by Kayla Mansfield, Lauren Freeberg and Sara Lopp of Bella Vita Salon and Spa

When you think of “The Great Gatsby” and the time that it represents, it is easy to see why local boutique Dress and Dwell decided to use the literary piece as an inspiration for their 2013 holiday campaign and fashion show. “We love the glamour and lavish looks that are at the center of ‘The Great Gatsby.’ Plus, glittery sequins, rich velvets and showstopping jewels have made a huge comeback this season,” said Adrian Minotti, one of the architects behind the show. This is precisely why the team at Dress and Dwell transformed The Loft on Spring Street into a space fitting for a handful of guests who came dressed in their best “Gatsby”-inspired attire.

With flapper-inspired dresses and gowns from the boutique paired with decadent headpieces by Headcandi and lux jewelry from Lulubelles, the fashion show started off with everything that one would expect from the glamorous era. However, the team behind the event didn’t just take style inspiration from the famed book.

They also played upon its underlying message of hope. This message was reiterated when the boutique chose to benefit and highlight a local charity that gives hope to children and their families every week: Blessings In A Backpack. Not only did proceeds from the event go to this organization, but the boutique also styled up the charity’s tees in a small segment of the fashion show.

The night ended with models walking in casual “Gatsby”-inspired looks, which ranged from sparkly sweaters and colorful denim to a festive sequined maxi skirt. However, even with a catwalk full of the boutique’s most festive pieces, the clothes simply could not outshine the underlying impression that the holidays are not just a time of glamour and circumstance. Instead, they are a time for giving to those in need and proving that the old adage “it is better to give than to receive” is still true.

*This copy was taken from a piece I wrote for a local society paper that I contribute to, The Voice Tribune. Read the online copy, here

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    1. Me too! Baz is a total genius when it comes to directing. Please tell me you have seen his very first movie with Leo, Romeo and Juliet? If not, then you must rent, or buy it!!! It was so groundbreaking at the time 😉


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