Details. In Black and White

rebecca minkoff

The Raquel Coat by Shoshanna (c/o Blink Boutique)\Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. Bag \ VS Lace Up Heels\ Zara Leather Moto Pants

Today I am paying homage to my former blog and the days when I relied more on creative thinking than trends to make a fashion statement. Of course, this coat would make any outfit chic. However, I didn’t want to style it in a way that has already been seen out in that fashionable cyberspace, so many times before. So, as a blogger, I knew it was time to step outside of the box of monotony and get inspired.

Everyone is different when it come to getting fashionably inspired. Some head to tumblr and Pinterest. Others look to their peers and fashion magazines, and some do a little of all three.  I had recently saw my New York partner in crime (Sheree from It’s Not That Deep) makeshift her bag into a stylish fanny pack-like apparatus, and it instantly reminded me of a previous post that I had created for my old blog, which featured the different ways that one could don their handbag. Although that old post is now gone, along with my old blog, there are still remnants of it on The Chic Street- including the way I still double my chain strap purse as a chic bracelet clutch. So, my style mavens, this post is the result of a little inspiration and what can happen when you mix your favorite bag with an amazing coat.

Do you like it?

19 thoughts on “Details. In Black and White

  1. omg lady this is amazing…creative…and thinking outside the box. It’s such a chic take on a fanypack haha. I LOVE IT. Not going to lie this makes me want to wrap my mini mac around my waist. I’ll give you full credit if it works out as well for me as it did for you.


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