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A Little Preview: Unfortunately, the past week has been quite hectic for me. Between work, visiting family and friends for the holidays, and keeping up with the everyday duties, my blog has has fallen behind a bit. However, I do have a few new style posts in the works, so I wanted to share a preview of one of them.

What I’m Eating: With me being a self-proclaimed foodie (I blame it on Anthony Bourdain), I am always looking for new restaurants to eat at and share via social media. Of course, every year a handful of new ones open up, but only a select few make such an impression that they become the latest “must-try” dinning experience. However, Mussel and Burger Bar just happens to be that kind of restaurant for me. Its delectable eats, laid-back atmosphere, and desire to bring something new to the Louisville food scene have all made this establishment a absolute favorite of mine. Plus, the menu boasts signature cocktails created from local spirits, and the establishment even has a burger that is created using ingredients that can only be found in Louisville.

Deck Out Your Digits: When it comes to jewelry trends, 2013 was undoubtedly the year of the ear. Whether it was the ear cuff that was popularized by Rodarte and Chanel, or an assortment of precisely placed earrings, trendsetters were donning a bit of bling on their lobes. However, 2014 will be the year of the finger bling, and the more the merrier! Stack rings on each finger, pile them all on one, or a do a little bit of both. Either way, prepare to get those digits decked out in the latest designs.

Some Inspo With My Cup of Joe: I want to take a moment to discuss the upcoming year. I know that there are only a few who get the chance to do what they really love. However, I am a strong believer in the notion that everything happens for a reason,  and that one of the great travesties in life is not fulfilling one’s own destiny (am I getting too deep?). Well, why not start trying to live out your dreams today? The only thing that is keeping you from doing what you want to do is doubt, so let’s make it a goal to stay positive and work towards a future that allows us to live out our dreams. I am currently doing that, and can not wait to share some pretty amazing news with you readers! Stay tuned!

Off Duty Style: Have you ever wondered what a blogger wears when they are not blogging? Well, this was one of my looks, and there are many instances when I post daily bits of what I am wearing on Instagram. If you want to see more, then drop me a line at @mirandatcs.

Christmas Cheer: I could have posted any of my Christmas presents on Instagram, but I chose to share my new wine bag! It not only shows my affection for the drink, but it also shows my personality as well (some people know me too well). Many of you also wanted to know where this Drinks Well With Others bag came from, and although I was not able to find the exact version online, I did find this similar one. Happy Holidays!


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