Party Sleeves




ASOS Dress\ Guess Heels\ Glint Metal Clutch\ ASOS Knuckle Ring

The New Year is finally here, my style mavens!

Did you party the night away? Enjoy a quiet evening at home? Well, I enjoyed some time with close friends, delicious food and some live music at a quaint little bar downtown. I must admit, that lately this has become my ideal way to celebrate- no more of that bumping and grinding, or music that is so loud and obnoxious that you spend most of the evening trying to scream over it.

However, there was something else that was quite refreshing about this year’s celebration-ย ย I traded in my ultra fitted dress for an oversized piece . Haven’t you heard? Making the oversized silhouette fashionably fresh is the latest endeavor for the trendsetters and designers who are currently on a quest to prove that fashion and comfort can coexist (check out Refinery 29’s article here). Of course, for us style mavens who want a bit of that feminine touch when it comes to donning a dress that is “larger than life”, one must take note of the proportions and length. I chose a silhouette that boasted a large, but structured sleeve, and shorter length to celebrate the occasion in. I even considered donning an oversized pair of trousers for the night, but who needsย party pants when you have party sleeves?

31 thoughts on “Party Sleeves

  1. Holy WOWZA I love everything about this – especially the structured shoulders!!

    Happy New Year! Super excited to collab ๐Ÿ™‚ Btw we’re doing the theme selection tonight – I’d love to have your input xx

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