Details. The Girl With The Pearl

pearl earring

Sophie Bille Brahe’s Elipse Pearl Earring (similar versions here and here)

I ‘ll be the first to admit that I had my doubts when I had first heard all the buzz about pearls making a comeback this spring, and it wasn’t that I didn’t believe that style mavens would quickly jump on that trend wagon. Instead, I was distracted by the  simple fact that pearls just did not seem to fit into my current fashion repertoire. In fact, I was so against the very idea that even beautiful pieces, such as this Thakoon bag,could not quite convert me. However, it was the image above that had me completely sold on the power of the pearl, and now I am anxious to find my very own pearled confection to don this spring.

What I once considered to be a mainstay for the prim and proper, has been made youthful this coming season. Instead of using pearls in a classic way, designers have modernized them by simply adding a bit of edge to their design. The Sydney-based designer, Dion Lee, set pearls into large metal bangels for his spring 2014 collection, and even Karl Lagerfeld rethought and reconfigured the precious gem that made Coco Chanel so famous . So, with a brand new season in front of us, and so many fresh options created around the piece,  isn’t it time that we too changed the way that we think about the pearl?

*The image above was captured by The Chic Street, of Sophie Bille Brahe’s Pearl Collection Lookbook 

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