Go Big Or Go Home




Mango Oversized Coat (if Mango is having technical issues, click here, here and here for alternatives)\ Zara Leather Pants\ BCBG Black Pumps\ Zara Turtleneck

When it comes to the season’s best outerwear, it is clear that bigger is better. Just like the plethora of plaids, acid wash denim and crop tops that made their way back into our closets for spring, it is apparent that another 90’s trend is back on the scene. However, to make the trend more modern designers played around with the latest textures, explored the color wheel and also created confections that are much more structured than their predecessors.

Luckily, I was also able to get in on the oversized outerwear action when I found this Mango piece. Not only is the pattern clever, but the mere heaviness of the fabric allows the coat to be “larger than life”, without being bulky and unflattering at the same time. And it is this clean silhouette and structured material that makes the trend work so well today.

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