Trend To Try. Hybrid Footwear

sandal bootie trend for spring

Ozzie Caged Platform Sandal Bootie

When it comes to spring footwear, designers decided to make our transition from winter to spring a bit easier. Instead of going from heavy boots to the simple open toe sandal that we saw last season, designers created a hybrid confection that can only be labeled as the “sandal boot”. Ankle straps reached new heights and were placed well above the ankle, and besides the toes and hint of skin that the precisely placed cutouts provided, feet were almost completely covered by beautiful patterns and a miscellany of textures.

Among many other designers, Rag & Bone created a gladiator-inspired heel, while Olivier Rousteing gave us a jeweled, straptastic boot for his collection with Balmain. Giorgio Armani also got in on the action when he created a suede pair of heels that resembled a deconstructed cowboy boot. Of course, this isn’t too far of a stretch when it comes to trending footwear. Last fall, many designers created over-the-knee cutout boots for fashion insiders to swoon over (all hail Tom Ford), and this spring they simply decided to take the design down a notch.

Now, I know that a pair of designer heels is every style maven’s right. However, I was quite pleased when I found this fancy piece of footwear that provided all the bells and whistles of their designer counterparts, but offered a much cheaper price point. With straps, a touch of hardware, and carefully crafted cut outs, this leather heel just might be the perfect purchase for spring.

20 thoughts on “Trend To Try. Hybrid Footwear

  1. Hi Miranda, so great to hear from you, how have you been hun? I may not wear these myself but I think they can look fantastic on others.Thanks for lending me your thoughts on the SAG Awards.

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