Lost In Transition

rebecca minkoff heels 2

stripe sweater style stripe sweater style 2

H&M Cropped Stripe Sweater (similar here)\ Express Clutch\ Rebecca Minkoff Booties\ ASOS Midi Skirt (similar here)

With the freezing temperatures and frozen toes it is hard to believe that we are currently transitioning into a new spring season. And yes, I have already started contemplating how I will incorporate some of the latest spring trends into my style arsenal, but until then it seems that I am simply lost in that transition that comes between each fashion season.

For all of us that means something quite different, but for me it means revisiting some of my favorite pieces from fall before they are lost in the back of my closet, and also incorporating some pieces that I may have overlooked as well. This stripe sweater and the oh so chic pair of Rebecca Minkoff boots just happen to be two of those items. The skirt, however, is one that I have donned many times before (I can’t seem to get enough of a good thing), and find to be a great staple when it comes to anchoring a look.

What are your go to pieces during this time of transition?

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