Kathryn Allen Couture

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In a market where a handbag made of genuine, exotic animal skin can cost you a small fortune, Kathryn Allen Couture is a breath of fresh air. With her meticulously crafted bags starting at a much lower price point than other major handbag designers, it is easy to see why a boutique like Sunny Daize, known for its carefully curated collection of designer duds, hosted a trunk show in honor of the designer and her latest creations.

“Her handbags are a third of the price of other major brands in the industry, and she follows the same process as them. Her skins are top quality, her hardware comes from Italy and her bags are handmade. It really is incredible, ” said the local boutique’s owner, Chrissie Richardson. It is this quest for quality, along with her use of exotic materials that range from genuine alligator to ostrich and snakeskin, that truly puts Allen in a market of her own.

The designer was elated that she was getting the opportunity to introduce her handbags to the Louisville market. “There really is an adventurous vibe when it comes to the fashion in Louisville, so I can really can see my brand growing here,” Allen said. This unique sense of style that Louisville’s fashionable set possesses is the very reason that Allen wanted to bring her collection to the city and why the designer is considering making a home for her brand in it. With her dedication to bringing quality handbags at a fraction of the price that other designers in her category are offering, I not only see her brand growing in Louisville, I see it thriving.

To see my full interview with the Kathryn Allen, click here.

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