Layered In Inspiration

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ASOS Mirrored Sunnies\ Zara Men’s Button Down\ ExpressTweed and Leather Trousers\ Topshop Loafer Heels (similar here)\ Calvin Klein Jacket\ ASOS Cobalt Blue Coat\ Zara Mini Shopper Bag

I am finally back to blogging and it feels so good. However, I must start by apologizing for my absence the past two weeks, and also state that it will not be happening again (unless another snow storm comes along and I happen to start a new job at an amazing public relations firm- hehe).  And although your frustration was the most concerning outcome of my hiatus, my lack of inspiration happened to be an unexpected result of it  as well. With two weeks of freezing temperatures, the part of your fashion psyche that produces the inspiration you need to get dressed in a way that inspires others can become as frozen as the snow on the ground. Luckily, mine has started to thaw out and I am feeling quite inspired these days.

The source of this new-found inspiration?

Well, New York Fashion Week, of course.

Each season style mavens come from around the globe to see the biggest designers show their latest collections and every season I am totally inspired by all the madness. This month I was not able to attend, but I was able to see all the street style online, and one theme that ran throughout was layers. Now, I have been a huge fan of simple lines and minimalism for some time. However, when the temperatures drop it is definitely time to layer up, or even pile on some of your favorite pieces. To a fashion outsider looking in, this style mantra may resemble a fashionable hobo who forgot to turn on the light when they got dressed that day, but to others it is seen as a imaginative form of self expression.

Today, I decided to layer up and incorporate a good dose of color and texture while doing so. Leather and tweed, a good dose of blue and a style blogger who feels like she is officially back, that is what I am contributing to the fashion landscape in today’s ensemble.

16 thoughts on “Layered In Inspiration

  1. It’s been the same here too, constant rain & flooding for the past few weeks! I’ve been stuck at home & it’s surprising how throwing on sweat pants & tees for a week can make you so lazy when it comes to getting dressed to actually go out somewhere! As always, love this cobalt blue on you, it’s definitely your colour!

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