My Musings. Wu’s Subtle Sex Appeal

jason wu fall 2014

Jason Wu Fall 2014 (via Vogue)

After seeing Jason Wu’s Fall 2014 collection, I had hope. Hope that there would be a new middle ground when it comes to the “battle of the sexes” on the fashion front. Some fashion insiders claim Jason Wu has traded in his usual feminine aesthetic for a new masculine approach in dressing. However, I believe that Wu is just one more designer that has decided to rethink the idea of femininity altogether, and what it actually means to the modern woman.

Instead of corseted waists and his usual hour glass shapes, Wu presented oversized silhouettes and suits with plenty of moving room. He also mastered the art of subtle sex appeal when he decided to cover most of his models, from head to toe, with only the occasional ankle or hint of skin exposed. The layers on his looks were purposeful, but not over-styled. And besides a well-executed knit, there was not a single piece in the collection that was fitted. However, the pieces still managed to compliment the female form beautifully.

Even with all of these accomplishments, Wu’s real victory came when he managed to strike that perfect balance of masculine and feminine elements in this collection. Sturdy fabrics were constructed into masculine silhouettes and softer silks were draped with care on the female form. So instead of this collection representing Wu’s abandonment of femininity, the collection actually celebrates it and what is means to be a female in the modern era- one who is confident, strong, and knows just how to wear the pants as well.

8 thoughts on “My Musings. Wu’s Subtle Sex Appeal

  1. I agree with everything you said here, normally Wu is not someone who’s collection I’m excited to see (it’s usually a little too feminine for me) but I absolutely loved this one, as you say it’s that perfect middle ground between masculine & feminine, and he pulled it off beautifully!

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