Trend To Try. Comic Relief


“Clutch Me” clutch from ASOS\ Gold Ring Set from H&M ( A Chic, Yet Cheap Find- Shop real gold version at Market Cross Jewelers )\ Zara Boyfriend Distressed Denim\ L’Oreal Greycian Goddess Nail Poish

In an industry that is constantly striving to strike the perfect balance between being taken seriously, but not too seriously, a little satire seems to go a long way. For the fall 2014 collections, we not only saw a bit of comic relief, but we actually saw a full-blown trend emerge on the handbag front. From Chanel to Phillip Lim, Kenzo and Moschino, handbags were decorated with a touch of humor for the upcoming fall season. And being the impatient style maven that I am, I couldn’t wait to partake in this trend and share it with you lovely readers. I may be currently coveting the “Cash” clutch that the genius Phillip Lim created, but this little piece of arm candy is just as much fun and spot-on when it comes to the new trend.

What are your favorite accessories for the upcoming season?

13 thoughts on “Trend To Try. Comic Relief

  1. Hmmm…weeell… as for introducing fashion with humor – I`m all for it. Love the CASH clutch, but this ASOS version… sorry but not my cup of tea. I have the same feeling as for LV bags with Paris or whatever written, I can`t wrap my mind around it. But thats just me. As for this ASOS clutch, I do love the idea – clutch me! – but I really don`t like the font. Thats the problem, not the idea itself.

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