Mixing In Spring

all black style 1

all black style 2n

all black style 5

all black style 4

Rebecca Minkoff Heels\ ASOS Full Skirt\ ASOS Jacket\ Express Leather Top

What a difference a few days can make when it comes to the bipolar tendencies of mother nature. One day it is warm, the next day it is snowing and all the while I feel like I am getting a bad case of style whiplash. However, with spring right around the corner and hopefully what will be the last snow storm of the season behind us, I am seriously ready to usher in a new season.

Today, or actually last week when this style post was really shot, I found myself reaching for this full midi skirt and hoping that maybe my spring-inspired fashion would somehow will warmer weather into being. And, no matter how ridiculous this thought process must sound, at least I am refreshing my winter wardrobe without abandoning it all together. Now, I am simply counting the days down until spring finally arrives, while mixing in a bit of warmer weather attire as well.

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