Details. Not Your Basic Tee

white tee style 1

sheer shirt

ASOS Organza Panel Tee\ BCBG Pumps\ Gap Cropped Denim\ Vintage Armani Blazer\ Round Sunglasses From Express (similar here and here )

It’s confession time, my style mavens, and I may need a few prayers to be sent out to the fashion gods, because it’s been a while since I last kneeled before their hypothetical alter in hopes of penance for my crimes (this is a little dramatic considering that we are simply talking t-shirts today, but you know how I roll). So, I must confess that I am quite the hoarder when it comes to basic tees. No matter where I am, I always seem to beeline for the basics’ section in hopes of finding that perfect tee that has somehow eluded me all these years. You know what I am talking about, right? A tee that is the perfect amount of softness, fits loose, but not too loose and is the perfect length. I think that everyone, fashion enthusiast or not, needs that perfect basic tee for those days when their outerwear or accessories are meant to do all the talking.

Well, today I am  switching things up and letting my tee do all the talking…
With its sheer sleeves, perfect length and uneven hem, this particular tee happens to be anything but basic.

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