Beauty. Commodity Fragrances


Photo by The Chic Street

In an industry where perfumes are as complicated and outrageous as the celebrity endorsements behind them, it is quite refreshing to see a fragrance company finally get it right. From Mimosa and Dew for the morning hours, to Pinot and Gold for those later evenings, Commodity Goods has created a collection of scents that is as approachable and refreshing as the concept behind them: no fluff, just scents.

With easy names, clean labels, and simple yet sophisticated scents, the company is  getting back to basics when it comes to the art of smelling good. I happened to become quite enamored with the Mimosa fragrance (no alcohol needed, just a touch of red orange and black pepper mixed with sheer jasmine ). However, if you simply can’t decide which scent to choose, or just want to try them all, the company offers an exclusive Fitting Kit. This kit allows you to test all twenty fragrances before making a decision. And with that many hypnotic smells to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one to fit your unique personality.

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