Old Habits Die Hard

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H&M Skirt\ Vintage Armani Blazer\ ASOS Boxy Kimono Crop Top\ ASOS Caged Heels\ Topshop Sunnies\ Evan and Evina Pearl Choker

I hope I didn’t spoil you style mavens too much by pumping a much-needed dose of color into my last style post, because today I am back to my old habits and sticking to a neutral color palette. However, it must be noted that there is not a stitch of black in sight, which means that my wardrobe and fashionable state of mind are finally warming up with the slow rise in temperatures. And although it is spring, which is usually associated with saturated colors and a print overload, there is something about the effortless and modern presentation off monochrome dressing that appeals to my particular style mantra.

15 thoughts on “Old Habits Die Hard

  1. I adore this outfit– every detail is so chic and stylish! Firstly, I love a good blazer and the neutral colour and classic cut of this one is so perfect. Also, love that loose-cut shift blouse and that lovely skirt!! I have a similar skirt but haven’t worn it in forever– I definitely will soon now that I’ve been reminded how fun it can be with your post 🙂 While I love colour as much as the next fashion-obsessed gal, minimalist colour and monochromatic outfits are just as amazing as you prove here!

    xx Debbie


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