Fashion First Aid

first aid kit

 Fashion First Aid Kit(c/o Solutions That Stick)- Available at Peacock Boutique 

If you are a Louisville style maven, then you are most likely anticipating the upcoming Derby weekend. Not only is the actual race the most exciting two minutes in sports, but the events surrounding it are marked by a display of statement fashion that is not seen at any other time of the year. And with all the glamour, which includes an assortment of hats and chic headgear, trendy heels and a variety of frocks, comes a wide range of possible fashion dilemmas as well.

However, being a blogger who loves to dish out some good style scoop, I had to introduce you to an accessory that every fashion enthusiast should have- the Fashion First Aid kit. Complete with fashion tape, adhesive pockets, garment guards and a collar protector, this kit is so genius that I plan to have it tucked away in my clutch for not only this weekend, but for many more to come.

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