My Musings. Crossing The Gender Lines


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When it comes to fashion, there are just certain things I like to borrow from the boys. Whether it is an over-sized button down, fresh sneakers, or a great pair of jeans, sometimes they just do it better. That is probably why I have been on the hunt for a new watch this spring season, and found myself perusing the men’s section. And this Karl Lagerfeld piece of arm candy is the perfect example of the ongoing adoration I have for something a little less feminine.

Blame it on the Alexander Wangs and Phillip Lims of the world, but androgyny is a subtle kind of sex appeal that this style maven simply can’t ignore.

7 thoughts on “My Musings. Crossing The Gender Lines

  1. I feel the same way about watches! My dream wach is an Omega Seamaster, the man’s version. They just always look out of proportion on my small wrists. I really wish watch makers would creat some mechanical “masculinel watched for small wrists.

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