Dress It Down

sneakers 2n

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Adidas Classic Neo Sneakers\ Pleated VS Dress\ ASOS Leather Jacket\ ASOS Knuckle Ring

Just a few weeks ago I wore this pleated maxi dress to a local event, and paired it with heels and a tuxedo blazer. After that, I was hoping to find a way to make it a casual piece for summer. So I did what any style maven would do when they want to casualize (yes, I completely made up that word) a dress- I threw on a pair of flats, or in this case a pair of sneakers, and replaced that blazer with a leather jacket.

Pretty simple, huh?

Well, it is Sunday after all, and I am all about keeping things simple on a day that is supposed to be dedicated to rest.

14 thoughts on “Dress It Down

  1. This colour looks so great on you ! There’s something that is so refreshing and bright, love it! I was mesmerized by the backdrop and the vibrant color of your dress. You are truly one creative lady. Love this outfit!
    Have a fabulous day gorgeous!


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