My Musings. A Question of Fashion

question of fashionn

Zara Lace Dress\ Sweatshirt from A Question of Organic Label\ ASOS Mixed Leather Jacket

With almost two years of interviews under my belt for the Fashion View column that I contribute to at The Voice Tribune, I find myself constantly asking local trendsetters and business professionals what their personal style mantra is. Some see it as an outlet for self-expression, while others see it as an absolute extension of one’s self. And with all this fashion talk going on, I have found that I am often reflecting on my own personal style, and what fashion means to me as a fashion writer and style blogger. However, I have come to the realization that my answer is just as simple as it is complicated (you know I thrive on a good contradiction).

You see, for me, fashion is not only an expression of my current mood, but it also represents a style mantra that has developed over years of self-acceptance and creative expression. Whether I am donning pastels and pleats, or sneakers and sweatshirts, I find that a balance between masculine and feminine elements is right where I like to be on that style spectrum. And the rest is simply open for interpretation.

11 thoughts on “My Musings. A Question of Fashion

  1. I love your ‘what is fashion for you’. Everytime I look at your blog and outfits there is always a consistency and uniquness that is conveyed with the perfect balance of pushing the comfort zone and delivering ‘fresh’ looks. Keep inspiring us all 🙂

    My style mantra has gone through so many changes and is very dependant on my mood and lifestyle. Sometimes I look at my style and think I must have mutliple personalities with the variances!

    Mandi /

  2. You do always have a good mix of those styles. I like it, it’s different from me and that’s why I like visiting your page. Kudos darling!

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