The Same. But Different

ear cuff style

midi dress style


rebecca minkoff heels style

ASOS Midi Dress\ Rebecca Minkoff Heels\ Zara Men’s Button Down\ ASOS Pearl Ear Cuff (find other unique, statement jewelry at Zayah)

It’s confession time, my style mavens. I recently styled this dungaree-inspired dress up, and almost immediately thought about how a crisp, white button down would have been a better choice for the piece. I can’t be the only  blogger who has looked back at an ensemble and almost immediately had a moment of reflection on how certain changes could have taken the look in a completely different direction. Well, today is a prime example of how the simple exchange of a blouse and the addition of a pearl ear cuff can make all the difference.

Not that I am one to have many fashion-related regrets, but when you have a versatile piece like this one, the styling possibilities seem to be almost endless.

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