Trend To Try.Seasonal Print

graffiti print 1n

graffiti print skirt style 4Adidas classic neo

Adidas Neo Classics (similar Neo’s here)\ Zara Drape Skirt\ Express Men’s Button Down

It isn’t very often that I decide to don a touch of print. However, some prints just seem too perfect and inspiring to ignore. This season, style mavens eagerly embraced a trend that took print to a whole new level of fun and added a twist of urban chic while doing so. With all the graffiti-inspired pieces like the Chanel backpack that was so rightfully dubbed the “it bag of summer”,  I couldn’t help but to embrace the unconventional print as well. In a trend-stricken state of delirium, I even considered raiding the aisles of my local craft store for cans of spray paint. But soon after, I found this printed confection and immediately felt that all was right again in the fashion universe.

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