My Style.The Block

ruffle 1

ruffle skirtruffle skirt 7 new 6 ruffle 4ruffle 5nn

 ASOS Ruffle Pencil Skirt\ Zara Sliders\ Calvin Klein Men’s Button Down Shirt (similar here)

While attempting to compose something that is not only interesting to you readers, but also relevant to what is going on in the fashion industry without sounding a bit redundant, I occasionally find myself fighting a bad case of writer’s block. Today’s post is the perfect example of how this mental block can delay a look from being published. However, instead of trying to fight it, I decided to simply write about it.

A close friend of mine who doesn’t embrace social media or read my blog often (I actually love her for that) recently asked me what I write about when I posted from week to week. Of course the obvious answer was trends, because this is indeed a fashion blog, but one can only write about midi length confections and the power of flats so many times before they feel they are beating their head against a wall. And since I am still infatuated with the longer length and heelless footwear, and prefer to keep the wall out of this squabble, today I am letting the ensemble speak for itself.

14 thoughts on “My Style.The Block

  1. Well, your writing is still well written, even when writing about not having anything to write about! LOVE those shoes…so want them! You look awesome!
    Sheree xxx

  2. Amazing! I love the crisp and clean details of this outfit– you look amazingly sophisticated in this white shirt paired with that amazing skirt! I love ruffled details and the straight lines of those lovely sandals! I only wish I could pull off minimalist looks like this, I always adore how incredible it looks…

    xx Debbie

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