My Style.Seeing Double

leather top style 1 newest

leather top on style blogleather top style 11

leather top style 4 newest 2

leather top style 20 newest

Express Leather Top\ ASOS Ring\ Express Clutch\ Guess Heels\ VS Button Down Dress\ ASOS Belt (similar here)

No, my fashionable and very observant style mavens, you are not seeing double. I am in fact wearing two pieces that have already made their debut on The Chic Street before now. However, while searching for an ensemble to accompany me on a night out for drinks, I came across this leather top and realized that it has only left my closet once since it was purchased last winter. I am sure I am not the only maven who has worn a piece once and then tucked it in the back of my closet, only to rediscover it much later. So, instead of allowing this piece of leather to be sucked in that black hole of no return, I decided to layer it with a dress instead.

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