My Style. Moto Maven

biker jacket street style

motorcycle jacket style new 2

biker jacket 4

moto jacket trend

Grey Converse All Stars\American Apparel Sweater Dress\Rebecca Minkoff Coin Purse\ Quay Sunglasses (similar here)\ASOS Black and White Moto Jacket (similar here and here)

There is no need to insult your style IQ by telling you how on-trend the biker jacket is, because I am not quite sure if the coveted piece has ever really gone out of style. However, this year designers experimented more with the trend than ever before by creating options that ranged from edgy and athletic to playful and printed. In fact, any fashion enthusiast looking to cross over into the realm of moto maven has a wide range of options to choose from.

So get other there my fellow style mavens, and embrace your inner rebel in style.

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