New In. Scarf Play

scarf 1n

stripe scarf 3n

stripe scarf 4

stripe scarf 5n

1.5 Corda Scarf (c/o Krista Norris Company)\ Zara Leather Pants\ Zara Pumps\ Veronica Beard Jacket (c/o Veronica Beard– styled without dickie collar)\ VS Shirt Dress\ Gold Rings (c/o Brass Paper Smith)

Not that I haven’t been fighting mother nature with a fervor that is usually reserved for that of a kick boxer or the red-faced child whaling loudly beside you at the grocery aisle, but if one must learn to embrace the colder weather that comes with fall, a scarf is always a good idea.

I recently became enamored with the chic neck warmers that the uber talented Krista Norris creates for all us style mavens who love a good knit and a major dose of style to go along with what fall is serving up. Her pieces range from minimal to patterned, and even include a unique wing-tipped style that is sure to make any cold day completely bearable.

20 thoughts on “New In. Scarf Play

  1. Gorgeous black and white look! I really love the scarf and the blazer, classic and elegant! Thank you for the inspiration. I can’t wait to see what other looks you have coming up. I’ve followed your blog and hope that you’ll stop by and check mine out.
    xo, Maria

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