Inspo. The Perfect Combination

inspo- porter mag

Anja Rubik for Porter Magazine Fall 2014 Issue #4 via Net-A-Porter

One thing I used to do with my old blog, was post random inspiration. It could have been an image, editorial, runway look, or even a random object. However, because of my desire to post as much original content as possible, the section I dedicated to this was left behind with many other things when I started my new blog. Well my style mavens, because I am feeling inspired and also deem to be a source of inspiration to you, I am bringing it back.

So today, I am starting the week out right with this image from the Porter Magazine, Fall 2014 issue. I have to admit that this magazine is seriously changing the fashion landscape with its original content and the total lack of advertising that you usually find in many of your most beloved fashion publications. Not that that wont change as the publication grows, but for now, I prefer to pay the elevated price in exchange for more editorial content.

This particular image was so inspiring, because it combines two things I am absolutely enamored with at the moment- menswear and influences from the East. Kimono sleeves, belts that tie, and longer silhouettes have been on my mind for some time now and have even inspired a February trip to Thailand. However, I am also a menswear fanatic, so this image inspires by beautifully combining the best of both.

20 thoughts on “Inspo. The Perfect Combination

  1. I’m glad you’ve brought it back, this image is beautiful! I’ve been thinking of doing them again too lately, especially when I realised how long it’s been since I last posted something like this. I think it’s nice to have these scrapbook inspiration posts in between the more unique content 🙂

  2. I am new to your blog so I love the idea of posting inspiration looks. It breaks the monotony of doing the same post plus we all need some inspiration, right? Weather it comes from a magazine, nature, art…. the drive to create anything comes from inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Love the look and I am a big fan of menswear. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I now found yours:-) XOXO, Jeannette

  3. I love seeing what people are inspired by! This picture is stunning, the whole editorial was really. And I totally agree with you, I have no issue paying the price for Porter because it is such a great magazine and one of the few I can completely read cover-to-cover.

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  4. Such a great shot. I’m glad to see a little mix of inspiration in there too. Naturally your original content is what I come back for but in saying that, there are a lot of editorials that I see on one or two blogs only that I never see again. I love getting to view those.

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