Maryjane Claverol. The Ultimate Confidence Booster



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blazer coat

 Kulu Necklace (c/o Maryjane Claverol) \ Levis 524 Stripe Denim\ ASOS Blazer Jacket\ Calvin Klein Button Down\ Express Mules\ Mango Cat Eye Sunglasses

Although I still believe that confidence is a style maven’s best accessory, a statement piece comes in a close second. Well, unless you are a beautiful creation from the designer Maryjane Claverol. With an extensive background in fashion and some time spent in India, Claverol has developed a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, and an understanding of how mixing different materials can be a bold and immensely beautiful thing.

To see Claverol’s full collection, and get your very own boost of confidence in a box, click here.


20 thoughts on “Maryjane Claverol. The Ultimate Confidence Booster

    1. Thanks! Her stuff is so amazing that I had a hard time choosing a favorite to feature…. Which reminds me, I forgot to note the “c/o” in my post. Uhhh, I need sleep. I swear I would lose my head if it was not attached by this oh so chic piece of neck swag. Hehe


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