My Musings. The Holidaze


Embellished Collar Dress (c/o Gioia Milano)

I hope you style mavens have been enjoying the holidays. I’ve been spending mine with family, friends and this chic little embellished confection. I have also been taking some time to contemplate a year that is quickly coming to an end and the year that is also ahead of me. What have I learned? Well, hard work goes a long way and there is such much to be grateful for. However, even with all the milestones that accompanied 2014, I know the new year is going to be the most exciting and rewarding one yet.

My resolutions and goals for the new year may be a bit lofty (ambition is truly the key to success), but there is one that I am most dedicated to- mastering the art of balance. This task will include balancing my full time job with my blog and new fashion column, while devoting more time to those I care for most. So here is to a year of balance, success, and a little travel to cleanse the mind when I just need some time to balance my inner self.

Now, I hope you will excuse me. I happen to have some wine and Christmas cookies that I am relying on to put me in that oh so delightful holiday coma that seems to come with this time of year.

Happy Holidays, my style mavens, and cheers to the new year that is ahead of us!

12 thoughts on “My Musings. The Holidaze

  1. Wow such a gorgeous & chic dress Miranda – I just love it!
    I think your New Year resolutions are pretty much similar to mine it’s a fine line balancing a blog with a full time job & spending time with loved ones & getting a little time out for yourself too but balance & order seem to be a way of keeping all the balls in the air!
    Wishing you a fabulous, healthy & successful 2015.
    Jane xx

  2. Happy New Year Miranda, I hope you had a lovely Christmas too 🙂 Balance is what I’m aiming for this year as well, it’s so hard to get it just right. Love the collar on that dress too!

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