Off Duty. Easy Like Sunday Morning

blogger off duty ig polaroid

iPhone Snap: H&M Oversized Button Down Blouse\ Levi’s 501 CT Jeans\ Vera Wang Sunglasses (c/o Kenmark Eyewear)

It is time to be completely honest, my style mavens. The past few months have left me contemplating the state of my blog and what my next move should be. You see, although I love being a blogger (most days), I have a full time marketing job that I love, a fashion column for a new magazine, and a social life that I am determined to maintain, rather than sitting at home stressing over editing photos. So, because there are only so many hours in the day, I have been putting my blog to the side by only posting an entry or two a week.  Well, that is about to change.

Instead of stressing over getting that perfect shot every time I post and if the weather is going to be nice enough to head downtown to shoot an outfit, I am going to start posting some Blogger Off Duty style, because what I wear during the time I am not blogging is just as important, if not more so, than what I am wearing when there is a nice camera and lens involved. In other words, I want to bring you readers more content and also be more realistic with what I putting up on The Chic Street.

Today, I am starting this new series of posts with an oversized cotton button down blouse that I paired with boyfriend-style denim.  Now, bringing you a more realistic view of that effortless style that I adore so much will be as simple as clicking a button…

Happy Sunday Funday, babes.

12 thoughts on “Off Duty. Easy Like Sunday Morning

  1. Oh – how I would love to see other’s bloggers “blogger off duty” looks haha. I’m glad my style is pretty much the same across blog pots + real life, as I think yours is as well – but we all know that some of these guys just get dressed up for blog shoots.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

    1. My style is the same, but some days a quick mobile shot of me at a brunch or in Sunday mode will be a good way to show a different perspective, instead of making it a production… I want to throw in some real life situations 🙂


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