Beauty. Living Proof

living-proof-inc-new pshop

Night Cap Overnight Perfector\ Amp Instant Texture Volumizer\ Prime Style Extender  (Products c/o Living Proof- Image Via The Chic Street)

One company thats mixing style with science is Living Proof. With Jennifer Aniston as the co-   owner, it is hard to not get excited about the brand and the 40 plus awards it has garnered since it launch. However, the brand does not root its success in the fact that it has Hollywood’s most coveted head of hair at its helm. Instead, Living Proof takes each unique head of hair and offers products to accommodate their individual needs.

I personally have a penchant for messy locks and have been undergoing a hair transformation of my own for the past several months. So when I initially worked with a member of the team to test some of their products, my hair texture and the way I like to style it were two of the many factors that came into play. Now, although I have just started using the Night Cap Overnight Perfector and the Amp Instant Texture Volumizer, I can see how the company can offer up that perfect hair day that we all strive for.

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